Sunday, 5 October 2014

Paris: By motorcycle.

I figured after conquering all those mountains, I honestly couldn't let a little thing like Paris traffic scare us away.

But you don't need to take my word for it. Here's the whole sordid detail in wonderful High Definition.

It's in 3 video's cause that's how Go Pro makes it. Editing it together is just not on option on the road sorry.

So while the whole thing is an education in craziness, you may want to skip to the real fun bit.  The Arc de Triomph.  If you go to vid 2 and start at 9 min 60, you'll get us turning onto Champs Elysses (and you'll miss me saying a naughty word) and the run down to the Arc. An honorable mention at 7 min 10 where you can catch a glimpse of the top of the Tower just before we turn right over the river (and almost skittle an american tourist)

But wait, there's more... as a free bonus, Janelle also filmed it on the camcorder.  So you have 2 points of view.  The camcorder gets our voices more clearly, and can swing around a little more.

Anyway, enjoy, or cringe, or cry. Whatever you need.

Here a 40 minute ride along the Seine and across Paris, in all it's ugly glory.

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