Thursday, 12 September 2013

Safe and well and back in London

Thanks to Paul and Alan we have been welcomed back to what seems to have become our "base" in London at Little Venice. It's nice to be back among friends even though the horrendous London traffic really took it's toll on our frazzled nerves this afternoon.

We called past Donington Park on the way down, and lucked it in as they were holding a motorcycle ride day. Was a lot of fun to check out those parts of the track I'd been watching on tele for so many years.  And Janelle got to see how a real track looks. It's just a tad bigger than Wakefield. Yes I have video.

We'll be leaving our motorcycle gear here, as it's pretty much useless now, and repacking a suitcase for a much more normal traveling holiday.   Off down south tomorrow and the new plan for my birthday is to check out the Battle of Britain flypast. It's not everyday you get to see a Spitfire and a Hurricane in close, low level formation, flying over the Battle Of Britain Monument at Dover.  It should actually be a really special moment.

Then we'll slowly make our way back to Chesterfield for the ultrasound next Tuesday.  Not sure what way we'll go, Wales is looking good...

So in a nutshell, all is ok, We're working things out and looking forward again.

Now I really want to take a minute to publicly acknowledge my amazing, awesome partner Janelle. Remember her holiday was also shattered, and the last few days have really been very me focused.  She literally hasn't breathed a singly word of complaint (well maybe a little about driving in London peak hour traffic).  She just got on with everything and anything that's been needed.  I'm in awe of your courage and resilience my beautiful girl. Love you more than words can say. And thank you for so very much more than is possible to mention here

Thanks to you all for encouragement and support.

Terry and Awesome Girl Janelle

Forensic photos

As requested by lots of you. Sicko's!!

 This is the big problem. It doesn't look bad but under that swelling are a bunch of torn muscles. just how many remains to be seen.  The marks are carpet burns. Yes seriously.

The finger isn't broken. Just as sore as hell.
How can 1 finger cop it so hard and none of the others?

Nice cuts on the palm of my left hand. They're healing fine. Just more annoying than anything.

And my right hip. Ouch!

What can I say? It is what it is.  Ive attached another pic of the stairs so you can see how incredibly lucky I am.  Really!
Pitch darkness, and I walked across them with my left arm gliding along the wall.   Simply fell into space, hit with my shoulder and bounced the rest of the way. 

'Nuff said.