Sunday, 15 September 2013

Greetings from Caeleon in Wales

Everyone says Wales is a must see, and from what we've seen in a few hours we have to agree.

Caerleon (/kərˈlən/; Welsh: Caerllion) is a suburban village and community, situated on the River Usk [1] in the northern outskirts of the city of Newport, South Wales. Caerleon is a site of archaeological importance, being the site of a notable Roman legionary fortress, Isca Augusta, and an Iron Age hill fort. The Wales National Roman Legion Museum and Roman Baths Museum are in Caerleon close to the remains of Isca Augusta. The town also has strong literary associations, as Geoffrey of Monmouth makes Caerleon one of the most important cities in Britain in his Historia Regum Britanniæ, and Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote Idylls of the King while staying there.

There's roman ruins only a few hundred meters from here. The streets carry the original stones in places, there's arches and... well... it's just lovely.  We're staying at The Priory and here is a little more about Caerleon from Wikipedia

And the people here seem so friendly and happy.  We told one couple over dinner that we went to Dover and she looked at us like we were mad. I think we probably were too.

The drive here though, that's another story. The road system in UK is largely beyond coping.  Too many cars, not enough bitumen.  Simple equation really.  You have been warned.

Anyway, here's some random pics from todays adventures.  Video to follow, but my wine and my girl are waiting for me.


Who's that in the bottom left corner?
It really is an amazing and enthralling place.

Fantastic way to end a long day.