Thursday, 5 September 2013

Kevin's big day out.

Hi everyone. I had a really big day today hanging out with my cool friends Janelle and Terry.

It started when I joined them for a fantastic breakfast at Little Venice Village.  Terry reckons it was the best bought breaky he's ever had.

Then I helped them put the Aussie flag stickers on the bike.  Here's me holding up the windscreen.

Then we all went for a ride to see if the bike is still overheating (yes it is and Terry is taking it back to the guy tomorrow morning to have a new thermostat put it) and to test all the gear packing ability to see how much is going to fall off. And Terry finally worked out how to convince his GPS that they in London (silly GPS) so they wanted to make sure it played nicely with the satellites.

Luckily it did or they might never have found their way back from Georges Pub in Slough.  And what a fun day everyone had, even with an overheating engine.  Here's a photo of me having a little lie down in the tank bag.

And the day ended with a nice bottle of Cab Sav in the amazing rood-deck built by their host Alan.. Very civilized. Did you know that Aussie wine is cheaper here than at home.  Not happy!

So thats all for now.  I hope all my friends back in Oz are keeping well. Terry and Janelle are very worn out after a hard day playing in the amazing sun, (+30 deg today) so they've had an early night.  They promise to write more tomorrow.

So until next time they let me out of the tankbag... stay safe and keep in touch.