Saturday, 20 September 2014

Video of the ride up to Daxlueg Hotel.

Amazing how long it takes these vids to upload.
Anyway, finally....
Even if you want to skip most, you just have to check the view at the end. Amazing. Actually, all of Austria is amazing. A fantastic country. Really impressed with everything. But I guess you have already figured that by now.

Grossglockner Pass pictures - goodbye to Austria

Well, I need to do a recap of yesterday with photos.

Following a chance discussion with a Harley riding crazy girl just outside Salzburg, we decided to take a route down through Austria through a town called Zell-am-See and then over the highest sealed road in Austria to a place called Bikers Point.  Well named! What a fantastic road.

So with me overtaking everything in sight (awesome power this Ducati has by the way) and Janelle clicking away with the GoPro remote, we had a fantastic run up the mountain and found this amazing spot right up the top where we just had to have apple strudel, as you do.  They make a big deal of welcoming motorcycles, although the 24 Euro it cost to enter the national park took the edge off just a little. This road tops out at 2571 mtrs altitude, which makes it just over 500 mtrs higher than Kosciuszko.

Anyway, from there we spent a bit over an hour cruising down the other side, Janelle clicking away the whole way, and ended spending the night in a cute little town called Lienz.  A very traditional hotel, up on the side of the mountain and our last traditional German/Austrian breakfast. Then we said goodbye to fabulous roads, friendly people, reasonable (but still really expensive petrol) and... went to Italy.

But that's for the next blog.  For now, just enjoy the pics below.