Wednesday, 4 September 2013

We have a motorcycle!

That was the highlight of a very trying day.

Breakfast beside the canal was lovely. Then we caught the train over to get the bike. About an hour and only 1 wrong platform and we arrived at the shop around 11am.

Signed up, a quick check over and off we went... and things kinda went down hill from there.

The stop start London traffic wasn't kind to the poor Blackbird. It had just been serviced and the idle speed was set too high at 1800 RPM. I figured that was sortable so we pushed on.

After about an hour of 100 meters between red lights it started overheating. Very uncool and forcing us 3 stops to allow it to cool. During one of those stops I lost my phone. Near Kings Cross station apparently. Bloody bugger x100.

Oh, and the GPS wasnt working with the new mapping so we were making it up as we went along.

Finally made it here to Paddington, not sure how. They used to call it Dead Reckoning. I think more like blind luck.

And the system I'd devised to mount the GPS doesnt work. Not quite back to square 1 but will need a major revision.

So not the most successful of days all in all.

So off for a London pub dinner and a cold beer. At least the weather is perfect.

Photos... well yes... they're on my phone. Grrrr.