Friday, 5 September 2014

London to Royston - Picking up the Ducati

Had a very jet lagged day yesterday in London. Just couldn't get fired up, so decided a day of walking, window shopping, and a little bit of theatre would be in order.

Turned out we walked about 12 kms from Camden along the canal to Regents Park, up to Primrose Hill then a lap of the park, including a little row around the boat lake, and back.

Then off to meet Paul in Little Venice and as it turned out, a last look at our wonderful sanctuary from last year. It's been sold and Paul was expecting settlement literally any day.  Sorry Paul, the gods held it over for us to say goodbye.  But seriously mate.... was just so damn good to see you again. We look forward to seeing your new home on our return to UK in 5 weeks.

Then it was onto Charing Cross (Trafalgar Square) to catch up with Loui again for dinner and a show. Not just any show mind you. We saw The Lion King in all it's amazement.  What can I say... if you've seen it you know.  If you haven't, then go on, treat yourself.

Woke up this morning to another warm day, packed our gear and off again. Bus to Kings Cross Station then a train to Royston.  And here is where the experience last year was completely blown away.

Mick from Open Road Rentals met us at the station and drove us to the hotel where we dropped our luggage, changed into our riding gear and then he took us to the bike shop just out of town.  As we drove up the driveway, our lovely Italian thoroughbred was sitting proudly in the showroom, ready and waiting for us.

Took a while to get through all the paperwork, then run through the tech of this amazing machine (more of that later) and we jumped on and rode out.

We thought Cambridge sounded like a nice destination for a first little run.  We went right into the heart of the tertiary area to be surrounded by hundred of students, all riding pushys. The friendly parking officer did eventually ask me to move the bike, but he allowed us to finish our coffee first. So nice of him. :)

Then back to Royston. And we began the long cherished black art of finding how to cram as much as possible into the smallest possible space.  And that happy little challenge will have to be carried over till tomorrow. 

A glass of red has wiped us both out.  It's not even dark and we're ready to crash.

Tomorrow we'll test the GPS and assorted camera's, Finish the clothing tetris and prep for the ride to Hull for the ferry.  Strange but everyone we talk to gets a funny look when we say Hull, then seems very relieved when we tell them it's for the ferry to Belgium.  I suspect we'll find another Dover.

Anyway, here's some more random pics.

Cya later.