Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Last look at London for a while

Still editing up the France vids including a hilarious 5 minute drive through some crazy (but adorable) seaside village, that we just have to share with you.

For now though, here's a couple from our last day in London.
The first is when I wandered down to the nearest coffee shop for a couple of takeaway latte's, I figured I'd just take the camera and let you see what I see.


And this is a short clip of the traffic (both vehicle and human) on Sunday afternoon at London Bridge. Yes, the London Bridge. The ship is HMS Belfast which is moored there as a floating museum. In the 10 minutes we took to walk across the bridge and back, a) the traffic jam hardly moved, and b) hardly any conversation I overheard was English. Many were in fact eastern Europeans, which we're told are flooding into UK. A point of major contention apparently.  It's all the EU's fault. If England bails soon that will be one of the major reasons.

Anyway, as always, sorry about the shaky vid, but the zoom is just too good not to use it.


Vids of France tomorrow.  After we get back from Mont-Saint-Michel. Really looking forward to this one!