Monday, 15 September 2014

Dresden. A bit over this weather now...

We've escaped Berlin and didn't have to climb walls or crawl through tunnels or anything.  And Sunday morning traffic wasn't too bad either.

Rode the couple of hundred ks to Dresden in threatening low cloud and occasional drizzle. Now that I've realised how thirsty the bike is at 160kph, we cruised at a sedate 130 - 140.  (Fuel consumption doubles over that next 20 kph up to a staggering 1 ltr every 10 kms). The fun factor almost makes up for it.  Almost...

On the weather front, we had 2 glorious days in London, overcast in Royston, rain to Hull. 2 brilliant days in Belgium and the ride to Nurburg, but haven't seen the sun since.  We've over it. Really. Sun now please.

So I've attached a bunch of pics from today, both some stills from the GoPro and from a wander around the Old City of Dresden.  For those who don't know, in February 1945, just a couple of months before the end of WW2, Allied Bomber Command thought it would be a nice idea to completely destroy the city.  So over 2 days and nights they fire-bombed the place, killed over 20,000 civilians and destroyed a few (claimed) military targets.

The city has of course rebuilt, but the scarring is still there for everyone to see.

In a way it's fitting that it was such a dark and gloomy day today.

Here's some pics of the ride here. Note the camera is fitted on the left handlebar, not centrally.

And of Dresden on a gloomy Sunday afternoon.