Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Spa Francorchamps

If you've never heard that name, then you'll probably not care to much for this next bit. But if you have... then feel free to salivate over this selection of images we took today.

It seemed like a fairly basic track day, for Spa, which is way beyond anything you'd ever see back home.  This is somewhere I've wanted to visit for more years than I can remember and although we were only there for an hour, it ticked a very big box for me.

And I should probably mention, Im actually typing this from Haus Ringblick in the little town of Nurburg, which has this kinda ring road running around it and off into the country side.  We arrived too late to do anything about it, but will rectify that tomorrow.

Until then... here's some Spa action to go on with...

Oh, and here's another random from somewhere else that just dropped in... :)

But more on that later...
Need my beauty sleep now.
I've rather a big day tomorrow.

Menin Gate ceremony video

I filmed the entire ceremony, just over 9 minutes, but you can easily skip the middle half.

If you didn't know, the walls of this monument are inscribed with the names of the WW1 allied soldiers who have no known grave. It includes thousands of Australians. We attached just a sample in yesterdays blog. There's far too many of them. Far too many.

The city of Ypres conducts this simple ceremony every evening and thousands are drawn to it.  A very rough estimate put this crowd at around 1500.

And those 4 bugles, perfectly in time, in that acoustic chamber... It really was a very special experience and we're very proud to be able to share it with you..