Monday, 8 September 2014


We rode up to Hull from Royston yesterday and boarded the ferry in drizzle at about 4.30. It was one of those typical english days that isnt worth bothering about. A highlight was a quaint roadside coffee stop where you could have anything you liked as long as it was deep fried. Although the coffee was good. We sat outside. The weather won out over the smell.

The crossing on the ferry was a dream. Ive never seen a sea so flat. You would never had known we were on a boat. Cabins were small but comfortable and really it was all quite pleasant.

Riding on, tying down and the whole riding off again thing was really cool. Hopefully the GoPro got it all so Ill wait till I can get the film.

And now a tip: If you're going to have a crash course in driving on the right, pick early Sunday morning. The roads were deserted which gave me perfect oportunities to get my head around it all in a safe and controlled environment. Turns out its mostly easy but having Janelle in my ear with instructions sure helped.

The weather here is pretty much perfect, so we went to Bruges for lunch, will check it out properly tomorrow, and tonight we rode the 100km or so trip down to Menen Gate for the Last Post ceremony. Truly inspirational. Seriously.

So lots of pics and a few short clips coming up.
So till next time.
Must sleep now.
Have a great day.