Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Back in lovely downtown Chesterfield.

We decided to treat ourselves again and we're spending the next 2 nights at the Casa  We suspect this is quite probably the best joint in town. Nice!

Before leaving the Liverpool area this morning we dropped by the ferry port on the Mersey river (well you just have to don't you). Also checked out a genuine German U-Boat. Didn't pay out the 6 pound entry fee though. A quick look on Trip Advisor told us to not bother.

I've got to say Liverpool, well Birkenhead to be exact, struck us as similar to the Dover area. Old and tired. Rusty, dirty and just generally falling down. And very few of their younger generation.  The kids have gone and no one really seems to care. It's really very alarming, but I don't know if they notice. Sad.

Anyway, shoulder scan tomorrow and we expect back to London on Wednesday to plan next moves.

Watch this space.