Sunday, 22 September 2013

We're off to France tomorrow

Time to move again. but this time it's not just to fill in time. We're taking our holiday back.

We'll shortly be saying adieu to Paul and Alan and gorgeous Little Venice for a couple of weeks and taking an overnight boat to Caen.  Actually, it's a train from London to Portsmouth, a ferry to Caen, and then we're hired a car for a week to head to a little hideaway called Villers-sur-Mer in Normandy.

Thanks to Airbnb we've rented the top floor of this little Chateau. (Follow the link and check out the view. Seriously!)

In other news, my shoulder is much improved, Ive a lot of movement back and it doesn't hurt anywhere near as much.  The scans in Chesterfield showed no serious damage and the doctor has advised our insurance company that traveling again is fine.

In fact in a couple of weeks riding shouldn't be a problem, if only we were taking the riding gear.  No room in the luggage I'm afraid. Probably a good thing cause I'd certainly be tempted to sneak over to Nurburgring.

Anyway, we're not sure of the internet availability on the train or ferry, so might not be able to update this till we're lying on the beach in northern France.  Hey, someone has to do it.

Till then...