Tuesday, 24 September 2013

View from the top

We're in France!

A little hideaway called Villers-sur-Mer, just a tad east of Caen, on the Normandy coast. 
The ferry trip was a a bit exciting, the drive up here on the wrong side of the road was a laugh a minute, and shopping at their equivalent of Superbarn (about 12 kms away) was an education in itself.
On the outside this house would be well suited to the next Addams Family reunion, but this little flat has been all modernized and is just perfect for us to hideout for a week.  I'll be careful of the stairs, promise.

Now I've taken a load of vids in the last 36 hours, of leaving London, the boat, the drive, the town, the drive through the town, but really... we've just got back from a walk on the beach following another one of Janelle's awesome pasta dinners, and honestly, the video's can wait.  Well, all except 1.

This is how we enjoyed dinner tonight on the balcony in a perfect shorts and t-shirts 25 degrees. Unfortunately the camera doesn't do the light justice.  Amazing doesn't quite cut it but you'll get the idea.

I'll get the other vids up soon. Hopefully.