Thursday, 19 September 2013

Time for a little bit of fun

After all the hassles and drama's that have happened in the last couple of weeks, we think it's time for a little bit of silliness. Don't you?

So we all know the most famous zebra crossing in the world, don't we? Yes you guessed it... that one outside Abbey Road Studios in London.  Where the Beatles album cover of the same name was photographed.

Now it turns out there's a webcam there.  Here's the link... Abbey Road Crossing  although for some reason it's facing the other way. Silly Abbey Road!

So, assuming we get back to London tomorrow, at 7pm Friday night Australian time (10am Friday morning here) we're going to make our best Beatle impersonation and strut across that crossing.  We may even stop in the middle and wave. Whatever we decide you wont miss us, I promise!

It would be a really great way to connect with everyone cause we really do miss you all.  Screenshots and emails please. 

Probably best to check back here this time tomorrow to make sure we're still on, and we'll also post an hour or so before to confirm, but at this stage, we're committed.

We know it's Friday evening at home, and you may have other things on, so if that time really doesn't suit, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Otherwise, see you then!