Wednesday, 16 July 2014

All on track and the timer is ticking

Well so far everything is coming together really well.
We've locked all this away...

Nights of 2nd and 3rd September at Camden Lock in London.

Then up to Royston to pick up the bike and 2 nights at Chequers, Royston.

On the 6th we ride to Hull and catch the ferry across to Belgium, landing at Zeebrugge around 7am.

Then we've booked the 7th and 8th at this place just near Bruge.

On the 8th we'll be heading down to the Menin Gate Ceremony which should be a real highlight.

From Bruge we have 3 or 4 days to make our way to Berlin for my birthday.

So all locked in and paid for.

We think booking any further in advance might just start locking us into timings we'd prefer to leave flexible.

Anyway, 47 days to go, and things are starting to get exciting.

Watch this space.

Cheers T&J