Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Good news on the shoulder, and lets play spot the Aussie

Shoulder scan today indicated no muscle or tendon separation, so that means no surgery.  The general feeling is I hyper-extended my left arm at the shoulder, while saving my neck... literally!

Ill be seeing the surgeon on Thursday to work out what's next, but we're hopeful insurance will let us go to France and I'll just need some fairly intense physio when we get back.

And we figured we can't stay at the top joint in town and not stir them up a little, like any Aussie should when abroad.  Can you spot us in the pic below?

We're relocating to Buckingham's Hotel tomorrow as it's time for the Powerhouse Peugeot to go back and we'll need to walk everywhere then. This place is too far out of town.

So 2 more nights in Chesterfield (including tonight), then train back to Serenity Base in London on Thursday to await the decisions. 

Till next time...