Saturday, 12 October 2013

From the Qantas Club Lounge at Heathrow

The timer says 40 days, 14 hours and 6 minutes since we lifted off from Canberra way back on the 1st of September.

And although this trip turned out so very different to the one we had planned, we still had an amazing adventure.  But now it's almost over. We're very sad to be leaving all the familiar sights. Paul and Alan's lovely apartment and your infallible hospitality really did become such a wonderful home, and indeed a genuine sanctuary. The canal, the long boats, the walk to the shops near Paddington Station, Westbourne Terrace, the pretty blue bridge, Bake and Spice breakfast bar at Maida Vale, the pub on the corner... and so so very much more. All strong memories that will stay with us forever.

So we stopped and took some photos of Warwick Avenue Station in the pouring rain as we walked up the stairs for the final time today. Then the last of the pack up, warm genuine hugs all round, before a taxi picked us up in the pouring rain and took over an hour to drive to the airport.  Fixed price thank god.

We'll board the A380 in a couple of hours for 22 hours in a cocoon. A stop over in Dubai for 2 hours after an 8 hour flight, then land in Sydney 14 hours later. Short stop in Mascot, then onto Canberra landing at 9.15 Sunday morning EDST.

But as sad as we are to be leaving, winding up our adventure of a lifetime, although as it turned out nothing like we planned, we're also looking forward to seeing everyone at home again.  We know we've been missed, and we've missed you too, and it's right, and it's good, and now is the time.

This blog isn't finished yet. There's a lot of things still needed in here, but for now, the adventure has to come to an end. Thank you for following us. Your comments, your emails and your thoughts along the way.

Some of you we'll see very soon, others not for some time. But we love and appreciate you all.

So for now, and for the last time from London, goodbye and goodnight and see you on the other side.

Janelle and Terry.