Monday, 22 September 2014


Well, what can you say about Venice. It's everything everyone has ever said, both good and bad.

First, yet, it's quite possibly the worlds biggest tourist trap.  It sucks up people from all over Europe and deposits then on this crazy little island, or bunch of islands, and offers nothing except hundreds of shops and millions of people and total complete craziness.  It's completely nuts. Really it is.  The ultimate in tourism in the (almost) compete absence of commercialism.

But, it's Venice.
Like... it's really Venice!
Like all the movies, and the postcards and ... well.. everything.
It's crazy, indulgent, mixed up, tourist filled insane Venice.

So, we walked around a bit, grabbed a coffee while we settled on a plan, then caught the "water bus" to the island of Murano which is apparently where all the glass is made.  You know... Venetian Glass. Word famous.  Yeah, that. Well except for the stuff that was made in China that is, but you could tell by the price if not the quality.

So we watched this little glass horse being made, and bought some pretty things, then caught the "bus" back to Venice.  From there we just had lunch, took in the sights, fought in vain to escape the crowds, but did manage to catch a quiet moment or two, and took a lot of photos.  Some of which we've posted below.

And the gondola ride? You've got to be kidding!! Anyone want to guess how much they charge for that? Go on....

So... that was Venice.  And the halfway point in our wonderful adventure. We've planning to head to Bologna tomorrow where they make these lovely Ducati motorcycles, then back up to the mountains.

Oh, and the haze...?  It's smog.  Yes pollution. Clear days are a rarity apparently.  Europe has no dilemma about climate change.  It's here, it's happening, and it's in your face every day.  Pity the word seems to be lost down our way.

Anyway, more on that later. For now.... here's our day in Venice.