Wednesday, 9 October 2013

What a way to say farewell to Paris.

Indulge me on this one if you will...

At no time during this entire 6 week adventure have we actually gone out to a club or pub at night, except for a meal, and then we've never really stayed.  We've walked around a lot at night, but never done anything more.

So while walking through some Paris back streets yesterday we came across a couple of jazz/blues clubs, and decided that we might just drop into one of them for a drink and some live music. So about 10.30 last night we did just that.

They call it the "Tennessee Jazz Club", a dark almost empty bar on street level, with an intriguing stairway heading down to the basement where the unmistakable sound of live music wafted up to us.  Why the hell not? So we wandered down for a look.

A small room, more like a cave really, about 20 people of all ages, a small bar in the corner, and a guy on stage playing acoustic guitar and singing in English. Then I noticed a few other guitars around the place, and it took me about 5 minutes to nut it out and talk to the organiser.

So, only half a drink later, I found myself on the stage, borrowed guitar, appreciative audience, and with the earlier singer lending his voice, we banged out a pretty good rendition of John Lennon's Imagine, followed by Under the Milky Way, Hotel California and then, of course Wish You Were Here, which I even sang for as the audience sang along.

What can I say! I haven't picked up a guitar for a month, so it was a bit rough, but even so, how many co-incidences came together for that to happen.

Our last night in Paris, playing a mini gig in a random bar, in a random back street, with a borrowed guitar and an appreciative random audience. 

Seriously, how much more perfect could it have been?