Monday, 16 September 2013

Kevin's Dr Who Experience

Hello again everyone.  Because I behaved myself at Stonehenge yesterday, they let me out to play again today.  It might be a bit longer again now though cause I'm afraid I wasn't a very good Koala.

See Koalas's can't read, so I didn't know that I wasn't allowed to play with all the cool Dr Who stuff.  The nice girl got quite upset when I tried to climb up the Cyberman. Luckily I'd already had a play on most of the other awesome things before I got busted. :)

And Terry got to play with the Tardis and show off with a Dalek, while Janelle almost got caught by the scary Cyberman.

I totally geeked out. It was so much fun!  Cardiff is a long way to come, but it was worth it!


And then we made a happy family photo!