Thursday, 2 October 2014

Large on board videos.

We've managed to upload a whole lot of the longer movies.

So sit back, chill out, put on some music if the continuous Ducati engine gets too boring, as we present for your viewing pleasure, some of Europe's most beautiful, and most scary roads.

Lets start with Stelvio Pass.  Here is the descent in 2 separate vids.  The first starts with the camera facing backwards, and we turn it around at 9 minutes 10. But make sure you watch at 11 minutes 30, where some roadworks gave me the opportunity to remove the Go Pro and hang it over the edge for a few seconds.

And now the climb to LÁlp Huez with Janelle filming on the camcorder.  We only went to the village, not the peak, as time was getting away and we still had a long ride to Grenoble.

Ok, next, again in 2 parts is the ride to the top of the world. La Bonnette at 2702 meters. The highest paved road in Europe (that isnt a dead end) and the 3rd highest overall.  This is where the landscape became a moonscape and we were higher than everything we could see.  Truly awe inspiring.

And here is the descent from Col d'Liseran. The 4th highest.

And leaving the prettiest till last.  We rode to the very north of Switzerland, then across in a south-west direction avoiding the main roads completely.

The morning we left Appenzell it was drizzling, but just simply beautiful.  This is the Switzerland most of us dont see.  High rolling hills instead of snow capped mountains.  I'm sure there was some blond chick called Heidi yodelling at the cows somewhere in this vid.  Anyway... see for yourself.

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