Friday, 27 September 2013

The ferry crossing

We came across from Portsmouth to what we thought was Caen, but was actually Ouistreham, Caen is 15kms inland. We left UK at 2200, and arrived at 0730 just on dawn. It was very eerie really. The place was completely deserted except for the ferry foot passengers, and a continuous stream of cars trucks and bikes (sigh) past the customs office.

I managed to get 2 vids.  One on the deck as we cruised past Portsmouth. You'll note HMS Victory which was Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar, and is still in commission today!

Now come with me for a sneaky little wander through the ferry, stern to bow, and back to the bar. If you're quick you'll see Kevin keenly gazing out the front window.

A word of advice if I may. If you plan on doing this either get a cabin with a real bed (they were all booked up) or if you only have a "reclining chair", then bring a blow up matress and sleeping bag, and do what all the smart seasoned travelers (kids) did and stake out your bit of carpet.
We didn't, and our muscles regretted it for days.  I managed a few hours on the bare carpet with a parka for a pillow, Janelle stayed in the chair and is still paying for it.  You have been warned.

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