Friday, 27 September 2013

Chateau sur Mer

The town is Villers sur Mer, meaning Village by the sea.  So this is (completely unofficially) Chateau sur Mer. However, we're nicknamed it Chateau Scary.

You've got to admit, if you drove up here at night, especially a dark and stormy one, add lightening bolt on que for effect just as you open the creaky iron gate, and well, you get me?
But no, that's not the reason.
And yes, it's very high up. And those (like me) with vertigo shouldn't lean too far over that balcony.
But no, that's not the reason.

Basically, it's the stairs. Yep. The twisting, narrowing, creaking, 200+ year old, complete with lion (read gargoyle) wood carvings... and that view from the top down the middle.  It's to die for. Literally!

But our little apartment in what was the attic... It's simply beautiful. Small, clean, modern, and equipped with everything we need, including that million dollar view. It completely belies the building from the outside.  I wouldn't have thought is possible, but here, see for yourself.


Now, of course, being the only aussies in town, that we know of anyway, it's important to let them know we're here.  We thought you might enjoy this little edit from the main street.   Note please the go-kart track and public swimming pool.

The really amazing thing is that 90% of the town is boarded up. Summer is over, everyone has gone back to work, and well, this is now a quiet, peaceful village.

Except for those stairs, there's nothing peaceful about them.  I promise you.  Here's another look just in case you were wondering.

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  1. Maybe it's a french thing. I stayed in an apartment in Paris many moons ago that had freaky (& very creaky) stairs. Glad you are both having a wonderful time.


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