Sunday, 21 September 2014

Scary wonderful roads

We have found fast uploading internet!

So may we present 3 of the most amazing roads you'll find anywhere.

The first is the last 2 kms up to Bikers Point in Austria. Just dont look down. I mean... REALLY, don''t look down

The Go Pro battery died just as we started the high canyon road along the Robertero - Schio road, so hero girl Janelle whipped out the hand held and got this breathtaking couple of minutes.


And a little more sane, but still kinda wonderful was this few minutes we managed without being monstered by trucks as we came down the mountain from the Austrian/Italian border. We chose to not use the Autobahn. Still not sure if that was a good idea, as there were just as many crazies on the back road, but it did deliver this....

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