Sunday, 28 September 2014

Bourg St Maurice

We're in France!

A long gruelling day of dragging ourselves up and down all these mountain passes... again! You would think we should have learned by now!

See the guy who owned thd garage we left the bike in to visit Zermatt went and printed us up all these maps. Turns out you can pretty much go anywhere around here avoiding the crazy expensive tolls roads. As long as you're prepared to tackle some amazing mountain passes, navigate crazy complicated random villages, check out awesome scenery and hang out with hundreds of other motorbikes doing the same thing. Good thing we're not fussy isn't it.

And it seems we've scored this amazing weather window after the crappiest, wettest summer on record.  Not a cloud in the sky, 20 something degrees, even over the passes at 2000+ meters.

Anyway, we had to cross back into Italy for a couple of hours before we entered France around 4pm this afternoon. We'll miss Switzerland but it's really nice to be here.

Unfortunately the flakey internet is back so pics will have to wait. As will the amazing video of some of these passes.

Hopefully soon. In the meantime, goodnight from this ski resort town about 40 kms from Mt Blanc.

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