Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Warm and settled and insurance looking ok.

We've got ourselves into the Premier Inn in Chesterfield for a couple of nights. Thanks for the suggestion of cottages, but they have stairs and those bloody things hurt!

Spoken to travel insurance. The lost ferry cost is covered, as well as tonight's accommodation and Nurburgring, and looks like the bike recovery back to London as well.

And my medical is free. So financially we're pretty well covered.

We plan to continue the holiday as best we can subject to medical instructions.

So, thanks to the massive support we've had from you all, both on here and by email.  It really is appreciated and its great knowing so many of you are with us in spirit.

And we have a mobile number if anyone wants to contact us +44 7 5387 41701

Terry and Janelle


  1. Hey Terry, sorry to hear about your fall, but glad to hear you're OK.

    If the bikes are no longer an option, why not try a convertible instead. Not quite the same experience as riding, but driving through Europe with the top down sounds pretty sweet (even in Sep). Safer too! And if you get an auto, you can do it one-handed... just saying.

    Keep us posted and get well soon. Cheers, H!

  2. Cannot believe you did that, next time take a torch,

  3. Glad costs are covered & you can continue on!! Maybe use this trip to plan the next one. Have some fun and relax xx

  4. Hi Terry & Janelle,
    Heard of your misfortune today... Bugger. But I'm glad you didn't do a proper job in killing yourself.

    If you hire a car to travel Europe, make sure you hire it on the continent, so the steering wheel will be on the correct side, otherwise driving on the rather narrow country roads will be a pain.

    I've told my parents. They sent well wishes and say they'll be home until the 18th, in case you still manage to drop into Kassel.

    Keep your head high and think of the potential upside: No space restriction for all the potential chocolate shopping...

    Cheers, Chris


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