Saturday, 14 September 2013

Time for a few videos

I've been playing with my toy.  Here's some vids that we've taken over the last few days.
Following request from Rho, here is the street we now call our London base.  Westbourne Terrace Road, Little Venice, near Paddington. And again, we cant thank Paul and Alan enough for everything they've done for us..

Yesterday (Thursday) I was filming the Spitfire and Hurricane at the Battle of Britain Memorial, when I heard the unmistakable sound of a Merlin engine overhead.  Sorry for the dodgy camera work, but how amazing it this?

And the Memorial itself. Sorry about the shaky zooming, but you'll get the idea.

The motorsport fans will surely know of the sentimental home of British motorsport, Donington Park.  We arrived during a Ron Haslam training day. My camera work leaves a lot to be desired, but you'll get the idea.

And finally, a little sample of the M40 Motorway during quiet time. Today this road was so congested traffic simply stopped. Really.

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  1. that Spitfire is GORGEOUS!! I used to make them as models all the time as a kid, my favourite flying machine.. that and the zeros..

    Good to see you keeping your chin up and having fun.. nice to see Donington too. Misano this weekend and the Yams have finally got their seamless gearbox - so we shall see...


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