Sunday, 29 September 2013

The awesome Mont St Michel!

Did anyone notice that I missed a day. I hope not.

Ok, this was a big one.

The building of Mont St Michel was commenced over 1000 years ago, and has undergone numerous restorations since. There's part Roman, part Gothic, part medieval, and part French Revolution.

Out of all the clips I took, I've put together 2 vids.

The first is just random stuff as we climbed up higher and higher, the second are bits and pieces of the guided tour we went on, including the entire intro.  There was no point filming the tour itself, too much and too crazy, but these clips will give you an idea.

And a bunch of random pics in no particular order.
This first lot are pics of the gallery photos on site.

And these are the shots I took along the way. Don't let perspective fool you. This camera has an amazing zoom.


We were left in awe of the engineering, the effort and the amazing scope of it all.
However, tips for young players. Be prepared for large bus groups all traveling together and blocking the roads. And Americans who know everything. Seriously. I even overheard one conversation about seeing England just across the bay.  Don't these people ever look at a map?

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