Friday, 6 September 2013

Leaving London in the morning.

It's 8am at home and 11pm here and we're ready to leave London tomorrow. Heading to Derbyshire to meet up with some UK Ulysses club folk.  I emailed Oz about contacts here who might have a workshop I can plug into. Pretty amazing response to be honest. But they seem a friendly bunch and want to help and it would be great to get their ideas.  Janelle feels a lot more comfortable knowing we have back up.
Otherwise, we're having a great time as long as I stay out of the traffic. It's soul destroying. Really it is. 
The bike is a lot better after a thermostatectomy and (oh no I'd thought I'd never say it) but the heat is too much.  30 deg here is like 40 at home.  Sticky, humid and not fun at all. No one has air conditioning so there's no escape.
Janelle took me to Rock of Ages on the West End tonight.  Pretty amazing to actually be there and doing that kind of thing.
Ive been taking a few videos and will try to post some tomorrow.
Till then "Dont Stop believin'..." and "Hooray for Boobies"

(look it up)
T & J

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  1. Makes you appreciate living in a 'small town' like Canberra eh when you get traffic like that. I find Sydney/Melb/Bris bad enough, can't imagine what London would be like! Reckon pretty much any sport bike would overheat in that kind of traffic?

    Here's to the open road - and HI to Kev !


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