Thursday, 15 August 2013

Learning about skin care

Last night Belinda from Arbonne came over to give us a free treatment and show us how to look after our skin while we are in Europe.

Beautiful natural products that made our skin feel amazing. 

Now for the decision making of what we will buy...


  1. What to buy
    Cool techy video camera v expensive (but no doubt excellent quality) skin products....

    Is this how the next 2 months is going to be?

  2. I meant skin products, not tech - we have enough of that :)

  3. But then how will we afford this... ???

  4. Luckily we have savings and none of this is on credit!

  5. Have you guys got a sponsorship now :) I look forward to the pictures of europe with the monster energy drinks being held up , hee hee !

  6. this is hard to read now, did you lose the white background for text or is it just me?

  7. yeah it's just me - fine in firefox but if I use the email link and it opens in IE8 no white background


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