Monday, 9 September 2013

Not good news Im afraid.

Ok, Game over as far as the bike is concerned. I wont be riding anything for quite a few weeks. They've booked me an ultrasound next week when the swelling dies down, but most likely is surgery to sew the muscles in my shoulder back together.

So we've hired a car for a couple of days to buy time to assess options.  The feeling is to continue on as much as possible but right now we just need to find a motel, a bath, a big comfy bed and hold each other for a few hours until we can think straight again.

Thanks for all your support.

How quickly things can change

We might be in Derbyshire a tad longer than expected.

Last night I got up about stupid o'clock for a wizz, and being a stupid git, and it being stupid o'clock I had to do something stupid didn't I?  And so exactly on queue the stairs jumped out at me and I had no choice but to throw myself down them.

Rather long stairs they are too, and rather steep, 14 of the little buggers in all. The end result was a) me ending up in a battered heap at the bottom, and b) the entire household waking up to the chorus of clatter and groans.  In all seriousness, falling down a narrow flight of stairs in pitch darkness is really a pretty horrible thing to go through.  I was extremely lucky to not bang myself up more than I did. However, besides a scary number of cuts and bruises Ive managed to tear the rotator cuff of my left shoulder.

So today was spent at emergency in Whitworth Hospital, and then a referral to xray at Chesterfield A&E. The aussie public health system could really learn from these guys but that's another story.

Upshot is I don't know how long till I can ride again. Not today, or tomorrow, maybe the day after (whatever that is lol) but maybe not for some time.

We've postponed the ferry crossing, the bike is safe and I'm back to the fracture clinic tomorrow for them to assess the damage, not that anyone thinks it's fractured but that's how we have to find out.
Then we'll work out what to do.

Best case - a couple of days and I'll be ok to ride again and we alter the route in Euro to allow me to heal.
Worst case - pack up and come home for surgery.
Bloody Bugger!
So fingers crossed. We're hopeful of the former but will know a lot more tomorrow.

I'll let you know when I do.


(So does anyone want to see my lovely bruises?)